**Because of shipping problems due to Covid-19, limited colors are available for this device**


The latest version of the Mega Feeder! This version includes many changes and upgrades thanks to the feedback from our amazing customers.


  • Larger upper foot pad to to give cats more room for their paws and easier access to the food dish.

  • Adjustable and locking arm with embedded hardware which prevents slouching.

  • Food bowl now seats and locks into the bowl holder to alleviate accidental spills.

  • Removed hardly used lower foot pad.

  • This version is available in Extra Tall for adult cats at an extra cost. (+$15)


The Mega Feeder 3000's design allows for it to grow and adjust with your cat. Standard version step is at 6 inches, Extra Tall version step is at 9 inches. 


The Mega Feeder 3000 is currently a prototype that constantly changes to better suit our customer's needs. It is an adaptive device created specifically for cats with the condition known as Mega Esophagus. First developed by Preston Tobery and Hannah Shaw (Instagram @kittenxlady) in 2018.


The device is currently being 3D printed using polylactic acid (PLA) plastic filament. This filament is made from sugarcane and cornstarch making it organic and safe for your pet. 

Mega Feeder 3000 - Original

Color - Main Device
Color - Foot Pads
  • I am offering a 10% discount for shelters. Before ordering, please send an email with your tax exempt information to adaptivetechandconsulting@gmail.com

    **Not applicable during sales more than 30% Off**

    You will recieve a discount code via response email.

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