Jump Speeder 9000

Jump Speeder 9000


*Price based on size and customization needs* - Starting at $300

**Because of shipping problems due to Covid-19, limited colors are available for this device**


We will work closly with you to gather all required size information. These devices are currently built to order and may take several weeks for delivery. I prefer to create these devices for customers within 3 hours of zip code 21704. This is due to the fitting process.


The device will be fully adjustable and is comprised of 3D printed parts and a light weight aluminium frame. Design may be different than pictured.


XS: 1-5 lbs

S: 6-15 lbs

M: 16-25 lbs

L: 26-35 lbs

XL: 36-50 lbs

*50+ lbs, please email before ordering*

  • Discounts

    I am offering a 10% discount for shelters. Before ordering, please send an email with your tax exempt information to adaptivetechandconsulting@gmail.com

    **Not applicable during sales more than 30% Off**

    You will recieve a discount code via response email.