• Preston Tobery

My Sweet Girl Charlie

Back in the summer of 2008, I was working at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland when I noticed a tiny kitten hanging out close to one of the dorms. I kept my eye on this kitten for around 3 days when I didn’t notice any siblings or any sign of a mama cat in sight. So I decided that I needed to try and capture the kitten and nurse it to health. She couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old and extremely small. While trying to capture her, she found her way into a very old, unused emergency stairway. This stairway only had one way in. I had to military crawl under the rusted, sharp metal wall to get to her. She wasn’t happy being cornered! After grabbing her, I put her in a printer paper box in order to get her home safely. Our trip home was around 45 minutes. The first 20 minutes was her trying to escape while crying her eyes out. So, I decided to pull off and try to have her ride on my lap for the rest of the journey. Well, she instantly became content and managed to crawl her way up to my shoulder where she proceeded to fall asleep. She nuzzled her little face into my neck, and at that moment I knew that she was probably going to become our newest family member.

When we got home, I weighed her and confirmed that she was indeed female. She was only a few ounces and dirty, but seemed healthy. My wife, Amber, decided to take off the next few days to bottle feed her and to try and get her weight to increase. She was so tiny! She was around twice the size as a computer mouse and was so precious. After a few days she was very active and seemed to be extremely satisfied with her new family. We decided to give her the name Charlotte Motor Speedway Cobra Commander Tobery or Charlie for short! Yeah, yeah, yeah, we were really into NASCAR and 80’s cartoons but we knew that this little girl would by far fill the shoes of that name. Charlie was spunky, loving, and had a very interesting cattitude.

Charlie was a tuxedo kitty and had one rear leg that had the pattern of a dairy cow. She also had black and pink toe beans! She had so many nicknames over the years and she answered to every single one of them.

Charles, Cow Leg, Charlotte, Murph, just to name a few.

I love my Daddy...zzzzzzzz

Charlie was definitely a Daddy’s girl, she loved me like no other living thing on this planet could. She spent almost all of her time with me. She loved to cuddle, she loved to nuzzle my face, she loved to just be around me. And I too her. Charlie would know my schedule and would patiently wait for me to arrive home at the front door. She would loudly purr and chirp to get my attention. She was not happy unless she was the first to get my full attention anytime that I got home. Her favorite lounging and sleeping position was laying on her back. She liked to show off how pretty she was. She probably should have been a model.