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Covid-19 Response

I partnered with long time friend Scott Bowen, principal at MSB Architects to create 3D printed face shields for our local hospitals.

Article by Alexis Fitzpatrick

Kitten Lady Collaboration

This is the little guy who was diagnosed with megaesophagus, a congenital defect that enlarges the esophagus and can cause regurgitation and aspiration. Working alongside the amazing Hannah Shaw, they together developed the "Badger Box" now known as the Mega Feeder 3000.

Kitten Lady Collaboration

This sweet girl is who started Preston's journey into creating adaptive devices for pets. Chloe was diagnosed with rear leg paralysis. Working closely with Hannah Shaw, they created an assisted walking device for Chloe.

The Community Cat Podcast

“Challenge yourself every single day. Try to find those things to help you help cats.”

Podcast by Stacy LeBaron

Cole & Marmalade Article

Feature story by JessiCAT

This article is all about Sailor who was fostered by Jen Tate from St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Tampa, Florida.


Feature article and video by Mara Hitner

Positively Inspired Stories

Feature story by Allison Norlian

Positively Inspired Stories

Feature story by Allison Norlian

Love Meow

Feature article by Amy Bojo

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