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About Us

Welcome to Adaptive Tech & Consulting.

We started this small business with the sole purpose of helping animals with special needs. Our primary focus is to create prototype devices using the latest technology including 3D printing and 3D modeling. 


We started with creating prototype adaptive devices for local customers, and now we serve customers all over the world!

We are also happy to provide consultations to customers that would like to create a maker space in their community, library, or school.

Thank you for visiting,
Preston Tobery, Founder

Preston Tobery with kitten

Preston Tobery

Professional maker and founder of Adaptive Tech & Consulting. A small business that primarily focuses on creating adaptive technology for animals. His partnership with Hannah Shaw (Instagram @kittenxlady) led to the development and creation of the popular Mega Feeder 3000 and an assisted walking device for her foster kittens, Badger and Chloe. 


Preston is currently managing a multi-room, all-discipline makerspace at Sacramento State University, California. He is responsible for the planning and oversight of the StingerStudio makerspace located in the campus' library which formally opened their doors on March 2nd, 2023 after over a year of planning and renovation.


Previously, Preston was the Coordinator of Maker Technologies for the University of Maryland libraries. He created and managed the John & Stella Graves MakerSpace located in the McKeldin library, as well as served as the maker technology advisor for the branch libraries on campus.


Preston is an expert in many “maker” technologies including 3D printing, 3D modeling, as well as virtual and augmented reality. He specializes in teaching patrons on how to use these technologies to help bring their ideas to a reality, and cross-campus collaboration to bring these technologies into the classroom.

Preston began his maker career at UMD in 2013 as an information technology professional and quickly became known to many as the go-to person for emerging and developing technology.

He has a passion for creating assistive devices for both humans and animals. Preston also served as a mentor for several Gemstone honors college teams on campus, and had assisted with the new First-Year Innovation & Research Experience at UMD in 2018.


Preston won the 2017 Outstanding Library Employee Award for his efforts of launching and guiding the MakerSpace in the main library at the University of Maryland.

He also provides consultations to customers who would like to start up a makerspace in their community, k-12 school, college, or university.


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