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 3D Printing Lab Creation

SJDS Biblioteca - San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

I traveled to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua in November 2019  with the mission of kick starting a small 3D printing lab that will be located in the local community library.  The idea was to create a space that could support the library's growing budgetary needs, as well as providing a resource that local patrons could order those hard to find replacement parts and small items that could be available in their own businesses for purchase.

After a successful crowd funding campaign, we were able purchase a few 3D printers, a computer, and all of the necessary startup consumables! While I was there, I  personally trained many staff and volunteers on how to use the equipment, how to train patrons on the equipment, and how to help local entrepreneurs utilize 3D printing and computer aided design to prototype their ideas. And much, much more! How cool is that! 

Preston Tobery with diorama

Star Hill Ranch, Texas

Architectural Diorama

Star Hill Ranch Website

This architectural diorama represents the popular venue Star Hill Ranch. Located just outside of Austin Texas, this location hosts many weddings, events, and has even been featured in 2002's "The Alamo" and 2016's "Hell or High Water" and many TV shows.

The main street of Star Hill Ranch was laid out under the guidance of an award winning motion picture production designer. All of the buildings were constructed between 1850 and 1935, and have been relocated from around central Texas.

Modeling Process

Using only photographs of the site, each building was modeled in Autodesk Fusion 360.


Diorama Base

The base was created by projecting the site using Google Earth and tracing the roads followed by measuring each building for correct scale.


Media used

The base was created using model railroading scenery materials.


3D Printing

All building models were 3D printed using Matterhacker's Pulse 3D printers and PLA plastic. Finished by hand painting.



After all buildings were put in their spots, model railroad scenery trees and shrubs were put in place.

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